My passion is creating solutions to  
business problems.

Simple, effective ones to help marketers achieve their goals. 

I am an 
enabler .


This is me

I am a marketing and strategy consultant with 17 years experience in business consulting, strategy formulation, sales & distribution management, research and business analytics. Prior to consulting engagements, I have hands-on exposure in S&D and market research with MNCs.


I have worked for more than 50 marketing and strategy assignments at LIttler associates till date with exposure to a multitude of industry sectors and myriad nature of projects. 

Go-to-market Strategy  Business Plans  Sales & Distribution Design  Promotion plans Pricing   Branding & Positioning  Digital Marketing    Budgeting   Data analytics

 Creative briefs Trade schemes  Investor Deck & Due diligence 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”
-- Albert Einstein

I am not any expert. I am not flashy. I do not define myself with superimpositions. But I am inquisitive, remain a learner, can listen patiently and genuinely make an effort to understand other views and appreciate even if it contradicts.


A bird inspired an aeroplane, a whale inspired a submarine, Bats did to SONAR. I bring in perspectives to build solutions. I enable customers solve their problems with my frameworks, I can bring in cross industry best practices as well. 

Under the guise of a generic word 'consultant', What I do is simply this:

  • Design programs 

  • Create frameworks for decision making

  • Write business plans 

  • Analyse data

  • Conceptualise solutions

  • Benchmark pricing

  • Create pitch deck or concept notes

  • Create hypothesis for testing


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